Winemaker - Hugo Brink
The winemaker, Hugo, is a dedicated artisan committed to the craft of creating exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir and meticulous care invested in every step of the process. With a philosophy centered around patience and the evolution of the wine experience, the he embraces the slow, deliberate journey from vine to glass. Believing in the sensorial experience of wine, Hugo sees each bottle as a journey through the complex interplay of aromas, flavours, textures, and visual appeal. The winemaker focuses on capturing the essence of the vineyards, carefully managing each vine to preserve its unique characteristics and employing innovative techniques to enhance the natural qualities of the wine.
"From my hands to yours, authentically different perspectives on expression. The true gift is the provision of new perspectives with which to guide and appreciate your experience."
"Spark a realisation of a novel perception in someone’s wine journey. A new idea, something to take with you, long after the bottle is finished."
Heritage of Franschhoek
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